Interactive Voice Applications, Inc. is a technology and service company founded by John Young and headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Interactive Voice Applications, Inc. (or IVA) has a storied history that is rich with continual success. The company derives its name from a broad term for the company's first project, which would later evolve into RmsPLUS and then SmartRms. In that original project, a computer would call and record dual-tone multi-frequency input from agency employees, then tabulate all results at the end of a quarter. Over the years, the phone time studies evolved into web, email, and text based programs allowing administrators to access the page remotely and make changes quickly and easily. 
After agencies became accustomed to the ease of RmsPLUS, they asked if IVA could improve their cost allocation software. John tackled this challenge with unwavering determination and the project became CapPLUS. CapPLUS is an intelligently designed, standalone application that lets agencies streamline their financial reporting process. CapPLUS and SmartRMS set the foundation for IVA to start gaining an ever increasing market share nationwide. 
Most recently, IVA has introduced a time tracking software, TimesheetPLUS.  TimesheetPLUS brings the normally manual process of tracking employee time into an electronic format, making it faster, easier, and more accurate.  The results from the timesheet entries can be used by government agencies to support cost allocation claims.  TimesheetPLUS syncs seamlessly with CapPLUS to ensure complete and accurate cost allocation reporting.
IVA continues to stay focused on leveraging technology for health and human service agencies so they can focus on their core business. Please contact us for a live demo or consultation session, and we will be happy to show you why IVA has been able to continually stay ahead of the competition.