Random moment sampling is a process used by state welfare agencies to account to the federal government for which federally funded program their employees spend their time on.  Billions of dollars in reimbursement to the states are made based on the results of these random moment time studies.


IVA's president, John Young, pioneered the modern RMS system and methodology beginning with the first PC based Rms system in 1991. Since then, IVA has continued to lead the way in the development and implementation of Rms systems with RmsPLUS and now the current state-of-the-art SmartRMS.  RmsPLUS and SmartRMS are used by dozens of agencies across the country.

SmartRMS is an online web, email, and text based random moment sampling system.  The system queries via email of the employees as to what their activity was at a given moment.  The results are tabulated across an entire quarter to provide a statistically valid representation of all employee activities for the entire quarter.  This information is used in the preparation of the claim to the federal government for reimbursement of the employees' time and also administrative overhead related to department activities.

RmsPLUS and SmartRMS are flexible, tailored solutions that are deployed virtually at state agencies across the country. These systems can be configured to accommodate other methods of sampling such as the 100% time study. Customers love RmsPLUS and SmartRMS because they are an off-site hosted solution that is easy to implement, customizable, and intuitive for end users. 


IVA has led the way in the development of cost allocation software systems beginning with the development of the very first PC based cost allocation system by IVA president John Young in 1984, and leading up to the state-of-the-art online cost allocation system CapPLUS.

CapPLUS is a web-based and hosted cost allocation application used to allocate costs based on the transactions in an agency's financial accounting system. Reports generated from the application can be used to assist in the preparation of federal claims. With CapPLUS, filing your claim is easier, simpler, more reliable, and more accurate.


CapPLUS is the evolution of IVA's Cap95 that continues to leverage over 30 years of development from customer feedback, technological advancements, and improvements to Cap95.


In addition, IVA has assisted hundreds of city and county governments and state agencies with the development of their own cost plans.  We have recognized expertise in the area of cost plan development, and have successfully defended our cost plans before the various cognizant agencies of the federal government.




State human services agencies often times have their workers prepare personnel activity reports (PARs), or 100% time sheets to support cost allocation claims according to their PACAP.  While not as easy as Random Moment Sample (RMS) they are sometimes required by the federal government in order to claim a portion of worker salaries for reimbursement.


Administering a timesheet process can be cumbersome and imperfect.  Some agencies use spreadsheets, requesting that the workers fill them out, and return them in a timely fashion, often times having the worker’s supervisor approve them as part of the workflow.  Being a predominantly manual process timesheets may not get filled out completely or correctly.  Further, without management support, the results of the process may be incomplete and inaccurate data which would not pass an auditor’s review.


TimesheetPLUS is an automated, web-based system for entering and tracking timesheet data from the workers.  The workers are sent reminder emails periodically which includes a link to take them to a time entry screen.  Workers pick an activity for their position and then select the time(s) they were performing that activity.  At the end of the timesheet period, they submit the timesheet electronically to their supervisor for review and approval. 


At the end of the period, system administrators can then pull reports of the activity percentages for use in the cost allocation process.  If the agency uses IVA’s CapPLUS cost allocation system, the time study results can be imported directly into the agency’s cost plan.