CapPLUS is a web-based and hosted cost allocation application used to allocate costs based on the transactions in an agency's financial accounting system. Reports generated from the application can be used to assist in the preparation of federal claims. With CapPLUS, filing your claim is easier, simpler, more reliable, and more accurate.


CapPLUS is the evolution of IVA's Cap95 that continues to leverage over 30 years of development from customer feedback, technological advancements, and improvements to Cap95.


RmsPLUS is an online web and email based random moment sampling system.  The system queries via email of the employees as to what their activity was at a given moment.  The results are tabulated across an entire quarter to provide a statistically valid representation of all employee activities for the entire quarter.  This information is used in the preparation of the claim to the federal government for reimbursement of the workers time and also administrative overhead related to department activities.

IVA's president, John Young, pioneered the modern RMS system and methodology. RmsPLUS is a flexible, tailored solution that is deployed virtually at state agencies across the country. RmsPLUS can be configured to accommodate other methods of sampling such as the 100% time study. Customers love RmsPLUS because it is an off-site hosted solution that is easy to implement, customizable, and intuitive for end users. 


MRM is a flexible platform that IVA created to handle incoming loans at credit unions. MRM is generally heavily tailored to a credit union's needs. MRM can automate the process of assembling loan documents from multiple sources and delivering the newly assembled loan to a specific destination or particular system.


This results in significant improvements in productivity and accuracy in booking loans to the credit union's existing data processing system. As a result, retail customers of the credit union generally receive payment faster.

IVA has helped many human service agencies transition their dated financial claiming to current best practices. IVA employs experienced consultants that can help your agency improve federal claiming and reimbursement through federal audit tested and approved methods. 

Why leave money your agency is entitled to on the table? IVA consultants can review and amend your agency cost plan to maximize allowable reimbursements drawing on extensive nationwide experience. IVA also provides other services such as Title IV-E audit prep, RMS management, and other consulting services.

IVA has extensive experience and involvement with the following programs:



-Aging and Long Term Disability

-Child Welfare

-Adult Protective Services

-Juvenile Justice


-Vocational Rehabilitation

-Employment/Workforce Services

-Tribal Child Welfare


Consulting Services

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