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IVA has led the way in the development of cost allocation software systems beginning with the development of the very first PC based cost allocation system by IVA president John Young in 1984, and leading up to the state-of-the-art online cost allocation system CapPLUS.


In addition, IVA has assisted hundreds of city and county governments and state agencies with the development of their own cost plans.  We have recognized expertise in the area of cost plan development, and have successfully defended our cost plans before the various cognizant agencies of the federal government.



Random moment sampling is a process used by state welfare agencies to account to the federal government for which federally funded program their employees spend their time on.  Billions of dollars in reimbursement to the states are made based on the results of these random moment time studies.


IVA has led the way in the development and implementation of Rms systems, beginning with the first PC base Rms system in 1991, and leading up to the current state-of-the-art online web and email based RmsPLUS.  RmsPLUS is used by dozens of agencies across the country, from coast to coast including Alaska and Hawaii.


Indirect lending is a high volume lending model where consumer institutions submit credit applications to financial institutions on behalf of the consumer.  Credit unions often get involved in approving and funding loans this way, and IVA's MRM software assists in the processing and booking of the loan.


MRM assists the credit union's loan processors with a variety of checks and calculations of the loan contract, and then books the loan directly into the credit union's data processing system.  These automated features greatly reduce the amount of time the credit union spends to process the loan and helps ensure the quality and integrity of the data entered into the system.

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